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Vortals is the world's most powerful and easiest to use AR, VR, and game design platform.

Flexible Creation Options

Easy AR and VR

At Vortals, we are all about empowering students to be the creators and our easy to use editor gets them building AR and VR quickly. Our editor platform allows students to easily 'drag and drop'  available media and start creating their vision. 


Perfect for project based learning, Vortals supports a wide range of Headsets, including the Oculus rift, Quest (while tethered) and HTC Vive. It is also available for iOS and Android devices

With first person and third person character options and over 3000 embedded high quality game assets, Vortals, is a powerful codeless game design platform.


With the platform, students can exercise their design thinking skills by designing, prototyping and testing. It all works in VR too!

Codeless Game Design

Resources and Lesson Plans

Vortals comes with a large range of curriculum aligned courses and lesson plans that have been created by teachers and industry experts. These resources as well as our tutorials will help you get up and running quickly, and will take your students' digital skills to the next level.  

Fundamentals Of Mixed Reality

Length: term or semester

The Fundamentals of Mixed Reality course has been designed to introduce students to the key concepts surrounding mixed reality.

In this course, students will create their own augmented and virtual reality experiences. They will also consider the technical, algorithmic, creative, and the social impact these new technologies create and in doing so, will develop problem solving skills that extend beyond mixed reality, and into any digital system they will encounter into the future.

Introduction to Game Design

Length: term or semester

This Introduction to Gaming Design course is a curriculum aligned course that has  been designed to introduce students to the key concepts surrounding real time game design.

In this course, students will create their own augmented and virtual reality experiences. They will learn to deconstruct games, and the surrounding technology that powers them. Through group projects students will apply design thinking skills.


This course, draws on many subject areas like math, physics, English psychology and digital fundamentals. It opens a whole new realm of possibilities for the students and you’ll find them capable of achieving an astounding depth of knowledge.  

Introduction to Animation

Length: term 

This course does not require Vortals, but we provide it anyway!


When taught correctly, animation is a STEM subject that draws on maths and physics, promotes attention to detail, all in a medium that allows students to express their creativity. This is a 2D animation course that grounds the students in strong fundamentals of animation focusing on key concepts of timing and spacing. this course can be used with or without computers. 

Animation for Games

Length: term 

Following on from the skills students learn in their fundamentals course, this course teaches the basics of 3D animation with a focus of game style animation.  

Game animation has different technical requirements to film animation and this course takes students through the creation of an animated walk cycle. 

2.5D Animation

3 Lessons

This short course takes students through the basics of rotoscoping in photoshop. Its a powerful technique for choose your own adventure style projects that focus more on creativity, logic design, and storytelling

Introduction to Mixed Reality (yr3/4+)

12 hour course

This course is aimed at primary levels and lets students build their own augmented and virtual experiences.


Starting off with step by step instructions, and finishing with an augmented reality game design project, students use mixed reality to apply key digital skills, collaboration, and design thinking. 


Case Studies and Testimonials

Cecil Andrews College

Cecil Andrews College is a school that strives for innovation and has used Vortals for numerous projects. 

Click to find out how Cecil Andrews have engaged students with creative and exciting augmented and virtual reality projects 

John Curtin College of the Arts

Click to find out how John Curtin College of the Arts collaborated with Vortals to help build the game design and mixed reality courses.

The great strength of Vortals is how it allows both students and teachers to express themselves creatively in their work, and invites them to look beyond the mechanical aspect of technology to find its human face. To that end, Vortals is supported by a passionate development team who are happy to grow the tool and its learning resources in response to the needs of students and teachers. Ironically, for all its amazing-yet-accessible VR and AR capabilities, Vortals affirms that at the core of our reality, humans are still the greatest assets.

Tue Nguyen, Digital Technologies and Mathematics Teacher Carey Baptist

“Vortals has been a highly effective STEM program that has been utilised across a range of learning areas and embraced by the students. The students have been very motivated and learned to quickly navigate with the tools, use critical thinking and creativity to experiment .

Stella Jinman, Cecil Andrews College


Gallery and Examples

Vortals is capable of producing astounding results. Below are a small range of the type of projects that you can do/have been done with Vortals!


About Us


With a deep background in technology, education and visualisation, the founders recognised how difficult it was for basic users to create mixed reality content - so they set about to create a design tool that students of any skill level could be confident to use, while still creating a professional quality output.


In short, our team wants to augment the world - allowing users of all skill levels to create and share mixed reality content, enhancing traditional 'real world' experiences.  Augmented reality technology is revolutionising the way we view the world, and we plan to be at the forefront of that movement.


The VORTALS design platform has been designed to do the ‘heavy lifting’ for the user.  It allows users of any skill level to re-invent the way in which they present content and information, blending together 2D, 3D, VR and AR content with a simple point and click user interface and dynamic editing package.

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