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In June 2021, Google Tour Creator is shutting down. The good news is Vortals already provides all of that functionality and more! 

What is Vortals?

Vortals is a powerful AR and VR design platform. If you're looking for a replacement for Google tour creator, there is no better option than Vortals. It is an easy transition and better yet, if all you want to do is replace Google tour creator, we provide a limited licensed version of Vortals that you can download for free. All of the functionality you're used to, all for free.  

Vortals focuses on letting your students create their own mixed reality experiences. Students first design and build their experiences on a PC/laptop via our editor, then they can either play that content back on the computer (and if they have a working VR headset attached they can view their experiences in VR), or they can transfer the file to a mobile device and watch their content back on the player app.


The editor is multiplatform, available for Windows or Mac while the Vortals Player app is available on iOS and Android. The Vortals software platform is built on gaming technology, meaning that it can scale to most computer systems.


Going Further

Vortals doesn't just replace Google tour creator, we let your students do so much more. If you want to seriously engage your students all while pushing their digital skills into the stratosphere, the Vortals platform combines 2D, AR, VR and 3D design all into one package. You can teach VR on one day, and then switch to AR the next!

Vortals lets you load images, videos, 360 videos, 3D Models, audio, buttons for complex interactions,  terrain data, graphs (2D and 3D) and so much more!


Built on game technology, we provide over 50 hours of lessons, videos, resources and projects to make delivering cutting edge programs for your students as easy as possible.

Transitioning to Vortals

Moving from Google Tour Creator to Vortals is easy, watch this video to see how simple the switch is.

Sign Up to Download

Sign up to download the free version of Vortals. Search the app stores for the Vortals player app. If you are interested in a fully licensed version of Vortals, or if you would like a demo to see how the platform can work for your students, please contact us 

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