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With just one platform, your students can design, create, and publish immersive and game design projects, all while developing critical future skills

Mixed Reality In Vortals

Imagine giving your students the power to create rich mixed reality experiences, all while developing their 21st century skills!


One Unified Platform

If you want your students to create for VR, Vortals can do it, if you prefer AR, Vortals can do that too, and of course if you decide that game design is what you want your students to experience, the platform is perfect for that too.


We have unified the XR design environment, making it easy for you to choose without having to learn three different platforms!

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Multiplatform/Multi-headset Support

Vortals supports most tethered headsets, and both mobile platforms (Android and iOS) so you can focus on teaching, rather than getting lost in hardware.


Better yet, your students will spend most of their time designing, prototyping, testing and building so your hardware investment can be lower. 


Extensive Learning Resources

Mixed reality is a rich new area of learning, so we've teamed up with teachers and industry experts to provide a large range of cutting edge, curriculum aligned teaching resources to get you up and running quickly!



Vortals has a very low barrier to entry, but a very high shelf.  


You'll find the platform being used in classes with students young as 8 years old, all the way through to university students learning how to market in XR.  

Watch Vortals in Action

A Simple Build Process

An Intermediate Build Process

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