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Introducing Codeless Game Design

Game Design In Vortals

With over 3000 high quality 3D game assets  to choose from, Vortals will engage your students, all while supercharging their creativity.  

Watch the video below to see how easy it is!

A game developer needs to be good at coding. A game designer needs to be good at communication, history, philosophy, photography, sculpture, math, physics, geography and more.

Vortals takes away the coding step and gets students to think about the human aspect of designing for a digital environment.



Activate Design Thinking

Using Vortals, students learn to actively employ design thinking through game design, they will learn:

  • to empathise with their users

    • what is a game and what makes a game fun?

  • to design and ideate

    • what will this game be and why will it be fun

  • to prototype and test

    • build a working game prototype! test and redesign

CA_WEB_ (7 of 14)_LR.jpg

Learn XR communication  skills

Game design and mixed reality go hand in hand, and we've made sure all of our game design elements work in virtual reality too!

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