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- Stella Jinman, Cecil Andrews College


“Vortals has been a highly effective STEM program that has been utilised across a range of learning areas and embraced by the students. The students have been very motivated and learned to quickly navigate with the tools, use critical thinking and creativity to experiment in VR and AR."

- Stella Jinman, Cecil Andrews College

 "Vortals is a powerful learning tool. It puts cutting-edge technology within the reach of students by enabling them as content creators. The great strength of Vortals is how it allows both students and teachers to express themselves creatively in their work, and invites them to look beyond the mechanical aspect of technology to find its human face. To that end, Vortals is supported by a passionate development team who are happy to grow the tool and its learning resources in response to the needs of students and teachers. Ironically, for all its amazing-yet-accessible VR and AR capabilities, Vortals affirms that at the core of our reality, humans are still the greatest assets."

Tue Nguyen, Digital Technologies and Mathematics Teacher Carey Baptist

 "My Year 10 Specialist ICT students are having a blast creating VR content with 360 video and Vortals They are busy creating an immersive experience for the school website."

- Petra Trinke, Head of Learning Area Technologies and coordinator of TDS and ICT SPECALIST at Hampton Senior High School

“I really like this because we’re learning how and why things are built like they are. We’re not just following steps.”

Yr 9 Student, John Curtin College of the Arts

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